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Wile 55 Grain Moisture Meter

Wile 55 grain moisture meter measures moisture levels of 16 different grains including wheat, ...

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Mechanical Engineering:

  1. Instruments :

  • Universal testing machine ( tensile , compression and bending tests )

  • Fatigue machine

  • impact tester

  1. Applications: Plastic,Metals , Automotive, Medical Industry ,Academia,Textiles ,Paper and Cardboard, Food and Packaging, Mechatronics, Building Materials, Springs, Composites ,Solar Industty

  2. Hardness Tester :

  • Universal hardness tester

  • Technical Teaching Equipment Unit for Mechanical Engineering.

Civil Engineering:

  • Building martial Testing equipments

Cement , Lime , Gypsum and Mortar

Concrete , performance units

Sieve analysis

  • Asphalt and bitumen testing equipments

  • Soils testing equipments

  • Technical Teaching Equipment Unit for Civil Engineering.

Petroleum :

  • Technical Teaching Equipment Unit for Petroleum  Engineering.